Vescrutia.. Less a planet, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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:: I forgot my password
See, what had happened was...
January 6th 2010, 5:00 pm by Lucius Blackthorn
...Either Vescrutia got deleted by a hacker or Forumotion's servers had a hiccup, and now we went back in time to May. It could've been a lot worse though; at least you have this old template and can work back to what Vessy used to be. Most of the accounts have never been created yet, so if you can't log in then your best bet is to re-register; I'm working on getting all the administrators back in place but a bunch of them simply don't have an account here.

After this, if the Administrators …

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Welcome Home
May 2nd 2009, 7:30 pm by Administrator
To members of all three former sites, we welcome you to the permanent residence of what has become of the RolePlaying universe now known as Vescrutia. It's been a long road to get here, as well as much confusion, but we have persisted through these trials and times and are still around today, with room to only grow. Please, take a moment to gather it all in.

As the site gets more populated, you may find some things still a tad off from what you're used to. If anyone has any concerns …

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 Susanoo no Heiki

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Jounin of the Chaos
Jounin of the Chaos

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PostSubject: Susanoo no Heiki   May 2nd 2009, 9:54 pm

Being an artist, art is my weapon. Wink While traveling through the ages I have acquired many skills in a variety of disciplines. My knowledge in martial arts and weaponry is wide ranging from my travels through time. I carry a giant Sumi ink/paint brush as my weapon. Whatever I paint/draw becomes reality (the speed in which i draw is unprecedented...I must be quick in order to document remember)

Because I have been marked by "Fuujin-sama" his power flows within me. I hold wind attacks and can control air pressure, so from a scientific stand point I can control the weather, right? Very Happy Tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, etc, etc.

My acrylic blood can also be used as weapon (this would be my kekkei genkai i suppose)
It can shot out any of the four holes found in my chest and back.(8 total)
Because acrylic is a type of plastic combined with my air pressure control it can become as hard as bone and as sharp as steel.

My Prayer Beads were constructed by me and my brother(Raijin).
At their core is a strong current of electricity that absorbs, binds, attracts, and conducts other electrical currents in the form of electromagnetism. The Beads are coated in my paint allowing me full control over them without the use of the gloves.

After meeting and subsequently absorbing my twin Raijin, I obtained his shamisen. This is no ordinary instrument as it includes a hidden sword in the neck and and 3 daggers in the tuner.
When the strings are plucked, they make a variety of resonating sound waves that can disrupt the flow of elemental attacks, projectile weapons, and even nature.
The hidden sword is very thin and flexible. When hit it releases a soft resonating sound like a tuning fork. When slashed through the air it lets out a thundering screech similar to a fighter jet. It is also capable of breaking the sound barrier.

Gloves of Susanoo

Created by melting the prayer beads in my hands, they have the unique ability of harnessing the power of lightning/electricity with much more control. They can divert, repel, absorb, and create lightning/electric based attacks. The gloves have 3 stages of power that I know of at the moment: blue, sapphire, and white. The more electricity they absorb or have absorbed(through previous fights) is a direct representation of each of the colors mentioned above; white being high and blue being low. On top of this they can switch the charge they currently hold and deflect weapons of the same charge.

I wonder if Tetsuko is a weapon? I guess...sort of, but don't get it twisted; she'll act on her own.
Tetsuko is my companion in battle. She has some basic earth manipulation techniques that I know of and the ability to have various parts of her body turn to stone. On top of this her horns have been merged with my inks and paint so that they can be much more useful in battle. If pierced by a horn, the enemy would immediately be injected with a poisonous ink(sink hole ink). She can be summoned in battle by either a scroll or an earth seal that'll spread from my hand when in contact with the earth; or if its determined the she was already present.(I'll make a full blown move set later.)
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Susanoo no Heiki
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