Vescrutia.. Less a planet, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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See, what had happened was...
January 6th 2010, 5:00 pm by Lucius Blackthorn
...Either Vescrutia got deleted by a hacker or Forumotion's servers had a hiccup, and now we went back in time to May. It could've been a lot worse though; at least you have this old template and can work back to what Vessy used to be. Most of the accounts have never been created yet, so if you can't log in then your best bet is to re-register; I'm working on getting all the administrators back in place but a bunch of them simply don't have an account here.

After this, if the Administrators …

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Welcome Home
May 2nd 2009, 7:30 pm by Administrator
To members of all three former sites, we welcome you to the permanent residence of what has become of the RolePlaying universe now known as Vescrutia. It's been a long road to get here, as well as much confusion, but we have persisted through these trials and times and are still around today, with room to only grow. Please, take a moment to gather it all in.

As the site gets more populated, you may find some things still a tad off from what you're used to. If anyone has any concerns …

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 Hibe Mibae's Backstory

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Hebi Mibae

Hebi Mibae

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PostSubject: Hibe Mibae's Backstory   January 7th 2010, 8:40 am

*My true life began when I was 11 in a small happy village with no pain, fighting, worries, or sadness. Although that was until one day a strange group of men arrived at my peaceful village and gathered all of the villagers.*

????- “Hello we are doctors and teachers come to offer you all a luck proposition we have built a new building a few miles down from hear and we are opening it to your children as a school. There you children will learn how to be the best they can be and will be cared for by some of the finniest doctors the world has to offer. They will also be allowed to live in the rooms in the building or can come back home and a wagon will pick them up and bring them home every day. We will be doing all of this for you at the very low prices so who would like to sign there child up to give them a better future?”

*So many of the villagers seemed so happy to sign there kids up mine included. After a day or two all the kids were rounded up to be taken off the building although many were planning to stay at home the man who gave the speech said that he needed all those enrolled to get a fill of what the building was like so we would have an easier time getting around. After we were all in the wagon the man would close the back of the wagon and we were off. As we were heading off to the new building I would be standing next to a nearby window and overhear two men talking.*

Men #1- “So are all the explosive set were they are needed?”

Man #2- “Yes just a little further and we will detonate the explosives.

*Before I could figure out what was going I would hear some type of click sound and then from the distance were the village was there would be a series of explosions completely destroying the village. All of the kids would then start to panic but then a strange gas would pour out from the top of the and everyone would then fall asleep including myself. I would soon slowly wake to the sound of the same two men from before speaking to the man who gave the speech Ted was his name. I would be unable to move but I could hear them talking and could partly see I was in a pile with the rest of the kids.*

Ted- “So did everything go as planed?”

Man #1- “Yes the children have been untainted and brought hear with us and everyone else in the village is dead.”

Ted- “Good then go get these kids cleaned up and ready for the first set of experiments and be sure to update me on any results.

Man #1 and 2- “Yes sir.”

*I would then fell the to men pick me up and then carry me off to the next 5 years of my miserable life full of touchier and experimentation.*

_5 year’s later_
Ted- “What do you mean we have to stop experimenting on him project Hebi (serpent) has shown the most progress among the other rejects!!!?

*While ted was yelling I would be sitting I a cage right next to him and a few other doctors. Out of all the kids that he had collected I was the only one who did not have a negative affect to the drugs they feed us. While some did die others ether turned into monsters used for battle training or loss their mind and now sit it there cages waiting for death to come.*

Ted- “ANSWER ME!!!! Why must we stop experimenting with him!?”

Man #1- “Because of how he has reacted to the drugs if we keep going he will either break physically and mentally or…..with be strong enough to kill us all.


Ted- “What the hell was that?”


*From hearing my voice Ted would quickly turn around and start to shake the cage. He seemed scared for some reason.*

Ted- “What did you say?

Me- You will all die says Ace.

*From the ceiling a large wave of snake would then begin to rain down engulfing Ted and the other men. Though out the whole building screams would be heard as snakes moved though the whole building. A small snake would then move to me cage and the spit out acid venom that would then melt my cage. I would then stand up as a large amount of snake would then move around me and then a few would wrap around me. I would then walk passed multiple dead and dyeing bodies and walk out of the building.*
Me- Time to move on says Rimy.

*I would then walk away to start a new life.*

Although I had a name but that person died long ago my name now is Hebi Mibae (Serpent Charmer). I have little to no memory before being but in that horrible building. Maybe because of the drugs or maybe those memories also died with the person I was long ago. I am normally quite only translating what my snakes say. I also have many snake like characteristics and behaviors such as a forked tongue, scales, snake like eyes, and many more.
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Hibe Mibae's Backstory
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