Vescrutia.. Less a planet, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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See, what had happened was...
January 6th 2010, 5:00 pm by Lucius Blackthorn
...Either Vescrutia got deleted by a hacker or Forumotion's servers had a hiccup, and now we went back in time to May. It could've been a lot worse though; at least you have this old template and can work back to what Vessy used to be. Most of the accounts have never been created yet, so if you can't log in then your best bet is to re-register; I'm working on getting all the administrators back in place but a bunch of them simply don't have an account here.

After this, if the Administrators …

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Welcome Home
May 2nd 2009, 7:30 pm by Administrator
To members of all three former sites, we welcome you to the permanent residence of what has become of the RolePlaying universe now known as Vescrutia. It's been a long road to get here, as well as much confusion, but we have persisted through these trials and times and are still around today, with room to only grow. Please, take a moment to gather it all in.

As the site gets more populated, you may find some things still a tad off from what you're used to. If anyone has any concerns …

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 The Graveyard

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Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising
Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising

Posts : 44
Join date : 2009-04-28
Village of Residence : The Village lost in the Depths
Kekkei Genkai : Black Roses/Dark fire/Reikyuu

PostSubject: The Graveyard   April 30th 2009, 7:35 pm


*In the back of Rose's mansion lays a graveyard. Spirits from her are eager to devour souls, but becuase they fear Rose in every way possible, they tend to follow her whims.*
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Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising
Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising

Posts : 44
Join date : 2009-04-28
Village of Residence : The Village lost in the Depths
Kekkei Genkai : Black Roses/Dark fire/Reikyuu

PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard   April 30th 2009, 7:36 pm

*The restless spirits of the graveyard drifted this field eternally. There was a powerfull spiritual presence coming from it, enough to kill even an average special jounin. However, despite the fact that these spirits are indeed wicked and cruel, they all shared one common fear, Rose. Normally people couldn't kill spirits, but it seems that Rose's Black thorns and roses have the power to devour souls at will. To keep them selves from being wipped off the face of the earth and the spirit realm, they did as Rose commanded, knowing it was a "fair" deal for them to stay alive.*

*Rose now enters the graveyard, and her appearance alone was enough to force most of the spirits into hiding. There were in fact a few spirits that stood their ground, and greeted Rose. These spirits had a powerful aura, and they seemed to be like Rose's top minions-servants, it doesn't matter what really.*

The first servant's name is Valor. She has a gentle soul, which may be why she has no problem with following Rose. Even though she is gentle, she won't hesitate to kill someone who easily bores her or gets on her nerves. She has a domain over plants and most things that are living, so she admires Rose's natural born ability to do so. She also sometimes teaches Rose a thing or two about plants, expanding her knowledge on not only roses, but plants in general. Rose tends to call on her the most when she needs assistance, the reason for this, if there is one, is unknown.

Cres-te-vantes, he is the only male out of Rose's top minions. His position in the graveyard is a more complicated setting than the rest. He is, or was, a demonlord, that happened to come's rumored among the spirits that he is in love with Rose, which is why he follows her. He was the very first spirit to notice Kazz's mind control over her, and with that being said, he obviously loathes Kazz. His illusions and magic techniques are second to none.

Her last top minion, Saseko. She follows Rose simply for the fact that they get along almost perfectly. Both have similar attitudes and are manly seen with each other inside of the Mansion. Cres-te-vantes doesn't seem to fond of her, mostly because she gets along with Rose better than him. He hates the fawn like attitude she has towards Rose, and he wouldn't mind killing her....but Saseko is extremely powerful. Cres's illusions have almost no effect on her, and her physic abilities make her the deadliest one out of Rose's spirits.

*These spirits keep order in Rose's graveyard when she is not there. Each one of them have their own way of responding to visitors, just hope you don't catch them at the wrong time.*

____________________The Coffin________________________________________________

*The coffin that lies in the center of the graveyard. It glows black constantly, being extremely powerful in the dark arts and spiritual ones as well. The inside of this coffin lies a void, the void enters a world of nothing, being infinite in depth. This coffin is 10 ft tall, and can shape shift into anything its owner wants at will. This coffin currently has no owner, for even Rose was slightly hesitant to come near it, until today. She would like to enhance her abilities, and obtaining this coffin will bring her one step closer to gaining power over Kazz, so she can one day gain her mind back...*
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Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising
Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising

Posts : 44
Join date : 2009-04-28
Village of Residence : The Village lost in the Depths
Kekkei Genkai : Black Roses/Dark fire/Reikyuu

PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard   April 30th 2009, 7:37 pm

*Rose began walking towards the coffin, her face showed no emotion what-so-ever, but her heart spoke otherwise. She wasn't completely comfortable with doing this, but she didn't want her uncertainty to be her restraint. Saseko appears right next to Rose, up side down, but smiling nonetheless.*

Saseko-Hiya Rooose~! Looks like this will be a day to remember huh?

Rose-That it will. Only thing I am in deep thought about is the price that I will have to pay...

*Rose now stood in front of the coffin. Screams were heared on the inside, they were muzzled and sounded faded, but screams nonetheless. The sycthe on the front of the coffin came off, glowing with the same intensity as the coffin itself. Noting was heared, it seems as if the sycthe was mentally communicating with her.*

Sycthe-what is it you desire? do you desire my coffin?

Rose-Yes, I do. Is there a problem with he wanting to retreive this item?

Sycthe- No, its only that its been 278 years since someone has come straight up to this coffin and desired it's power. You are the first female to ever want this coffin....what is your purpose?

Rose-I needed the power to get something back. Something that was taken from me....

Sycthe-Your personal problems do not sway my decision. You would not be fit for my coffin, not with your heart.

*Rose's eyes turn completely red as she grits her teeth. Her sharp canines were visible, and her hair flowed in the air like unstable flames. Since the conversation was going on in Rose's mind, Saseko would sit in the air pouting her cheeks, upset with the fact that she can't hear what is going on. Her seeing Rose flare up like that really made her want to know what was going on.*

Rose-Fool, coffin or not, you dare call me weak?

Sycthe- .....And just like that, your insecurity disappeared leaving not a trace. If you feel so strongly about this, why were you so hesitant in the very beginning?

Rose- Hesitant.....might not be the best word. Only thing I was unsure about was if this coffin could really help me or not.

Sycthe-....If you really feel that way, then I wouldn't see why this coffin couldn't be handed over to you.

*Rose's hair calms down, her eyes becoming normal again. The sycthe's understandings of her allowed her to maintain a somewhat collected attitude. She looked at her arm, and began to notice that it was being engulfed by the intense radiation of the coffin. In shock, Rose gets a collected, but serious tone in her voice.*

Rose- What is the meaning of this? Speak now!

Sycthe- hmhmhm, This...this is the ordeal of the Coffin. If it finds great power in you, it will want to remove a limb of your body.

Rose- Wha-What the hell kind of an agreement is that!

*Rose beings to struggle, noticing her arm feels as if it is being shredded. Saseko's eyes lit up as she sat and watched what was happening. This was the first time she has ever seen Rose struggle, and noticing the power energy engulfing her arm, Saseko calmly speaks over.*

Saseko- Oooooi, Rose. Whats going on over their?

*Rose was to busy struggling to reply to Saseko. She could feel her arm slowly dying, all the nerves where dead.*

Sycthe- Of course, it seems that the coffin has found you worthy of its time. Don't worry though, it won't take anything without giving something of more value in return, thats just the prophecy that it follows. Feel proud that it found you worthy.
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Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising
Infernal Megami :: Sannin of the Rising

Posts : 44
Join date : 2009-04-28
Village of Residence : The Village lost in the Depths
Kekkei Genkai : Black Roses/Dark fire/Reikyuu

PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard   April 30th 2009, 7:38 pm

*The radiation of the coffin left Rose's arm. Her arm was still intact, but every nerve in it was seemingly dead. Her entire arm was now black, with her finger tips being long claws, but despite this transformation of the arm, it still looked similar to a human arm. Rose held it up some, and after giving it a good look, she felt it, and strangely enough she didn't feel anything. She could move her arm, but couldn't feel it.*

Rose-...What did you do to me....

Sycthe- The coffin has embedded your arm with its power.

*Rose was stunned. She had supposely gained some new power, but what? Was it worth losing an arm over?*

Rose- So...I have the power of this coffin?

Sycthe- Yes, right on your arm. You can not feel pain with that arm, and that arm holds the ability to bend space. But judging by the patterns on your arm, you already had the ability to control dark matter, is this true?

Rose- Well, to a certain extent. I can manipulate dark matter in with my flames, but the way Kazz has dark matter is a one of a kind deal. Why did you ask?

Sycthe- You will find out in due time...but for now, you should know that that new arm of yours can not be ridded from existence, even if your body were to wither away.

Rose- How is that possible!? I can't even feel anything in this arm! It has no nerves!

Sycthe- The nerves in that arm have been replaced with the radiation of the distorted dimension inside of the coffin. This is an one of a kind energy that only exist with one person at a time, for it can only be obtained by this coffin. Do you understand what type of power is being bestowd upon you?

*Rose looked down abit guiltfully. She was complaining about the side effects of something she longed for getting. She should be grateful, not so scepticle. This was strange for Rose, she never felt this way about anything, it must be a trait that her and her sister share, but enough about that.*

Rose- Yes I do, I take back my swears on this ordeal, and instead will open up both of my arms to it. I appreciate what is being done to me.

*The sycthe faded away now, not caring for the sedimental speech Rose just gave. Even though he was gone, his voice still lingered in her mind. The coffin opened up, and a demonic-like, pitch black hand came wisping out.*

Sycthe- Now that you have been excepted by the Coffin, you must conplete the pact...

*Subconsciously knowing what to do, Rose extends her black arm, and shakes the hand from the coffin. Once their hands where connected, the coffin was released from the shackles that kept it on the ground, and a loud scream could be heard through out Rose's mansion. The hand shaking Rose's hand, breaks off, having only the wrist and arm slither back into the coffin. The hand seeped into Rose's skin, making it pitch black as well. Rose stared at the coffin, and moments later once a thought crossed her mind, she took her black arm, and put it on the coffin's side. She grabbed something, and just simply pulled, and to her amazement she pulled out a chain that was connected to the coffin.*

Rose-....So this is mine now. My power to control and only my power.....Heh.

*She cracked a slight smile, which made Saseko tilt her head at her. Rose began to drag the coffin along back to her mansion, and as it was being dragged it was tearing through the ground, signifying that it was extremely heavy.*

Saseko- Um, Rose? You can move that thing now? Wow, None of use even dared to go near that thing Congrats to you!~

Rose- I don't need your support. I was destined to hold this Coffin of distortion and nothingness, and would have eventually got to it. But I never knew that it would have been so long....

Saseko- Nyo, same ol' Rose, no matter how strong she gets!

*Saseko followed behind Rose back to the Mansion. From the shadows, Cres-vantes was watching the entire thing. He had just witnessed Rose gain an unparallel force, and with that thought in his mind he smirked. But thinking of Rose, Saseko also entered his mind, making his smirk dim down some. Without a word, he faded back into the shadows.*
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard   

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The Graveyard
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