Vescrutia.. Less a planet, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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See, what had happened was...
January 6th 2010, 5:00 pm by Lucius Blackthorn
...Either Vescrutia got deleted by a hacker or Forumotion's servers had a hiccup, and now we went back in time to May. It could've been a lot worse though; at least you have this old template and can work back to what Vessy used to be. Most of the accounts have never been created yet, so if you can't log in then your best bet is to re-register; I'm working on getting all the administrators back in place but a bunch of them simply don't have an account here.

After this, if the Administrators …

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Welcome Home
May 2nd 2009, 7:30 pm by Administrator
To members of all three former sites, we welcome you to the permanent residence of what has become of the RolePlaying universe now known as Vescrutia. It's been a long road to get here, as well as much confusion, but we have persisted through these trials and times and are still around today, with room to only grow. Please, take a moment to gather it all in.

As the site gets more populated, you may find some things still a tad off from what you're used to. If anyone has any concerns …

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 Kai, The Realm of Light's Warrior

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Kai Ishidate
Jounin of the Chaos
Jounin of the Chaos
Kai Ishidate

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Village of Residence : Chaos
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Kekkei Genkai : Seinaru(Holy) Chakra, Ryuugan

PostSubject: Kai, The Realm of Light's Warrior   April 30th 2009, 4:34 pm

Name: Kai Ishidate
Age: Does it matter?
Kekei-genkai: Seinaru(Holy) Chakra
"Kai...KAI! Wake up!"
as Mirage shook her older brother, she became frustrated. Clearly, he had no intentions of moving.
"SHIMATA! KAI! Get your lazy ass out of bed! Its almost time!"
"ugh...give me a minute"
"NO! you get up and i mean NOW!"
Kai rolled out of bed and onto the floor. He stood up and looked at his sister and walked into his closet.5 seconds later, he emerged fully dressed.
"Not bad...but you're forgetting something"
Mirage handed him a ring and turned for the door.
"Wait, MIRAGE! I cant take this. Its yours."
"Dont worry...Its so we know we'll always be together."
As Mirage walked out, Kai stared at the ring for a minute before slipping it on his finger.
The bells were being rung and the spectators were all gathering to the arena were the fateful event would take place. In the center, the referee stood waiting for peopl to find seats. On three sides of the ring were Kai, Mirage, and Amuro, their brother.
As the ref said his final words and left the arena to sit in the stands, Kai turned hi attention to Amuro.
"Amuro, dont hold back."
"I have no intentions of doing so, brother."
Amuro gripped the sheathe of his blade tightly.
"I never though it'd be down to the three of us..."
Mirage spun and gripped the daggers on her back and hip.
"...don't let me down guys."
Kai threw his hair back as the gong sounded.
with that, Mirage was in the air, daggers coming down toward Amuro, who managed to block without unsheathing his sword. he spun, unshathed it and slice at Mirage. they proceeded to clash with slash after slah, block upon block. Kai watched for a moment. But before he knew it, they both were attacking him. With another series of clashes, Kai managed to snatch the sheathe from Amuro, sheathe his blade, and smack him on the head with it, K.Oing him. He then spun while unsheathing the blade, blocking one of Mirages daggers, twisting the sword to take the dagger, and bringing it to Mirage's neck, stopping inches away from what would've been a fatal move. Kai had effectively won and became kage. He had been doing a good job of it...until...

-2 years later-
"Don't call me that."
"Fine, brother. But, I have bad news."
"Hm? What is it?"
"It seems...somebody put a reward on your head...They say you've gone against your own village."
"Pure blasphemy...Nobody'll believe that."
Mirage pulled back the curtains to show an angry mob outside...led by Amuro.
"O_O I guess EVERYbody believes it."
"What will you do?"
"......they wont stop til I'm dead. You take over as kage. Tell them you killed me."
"What about you?"
Kai smiled as he flashed her the ring on his finger. Mirage gasped.
"I'll be fine. I'll be back, I promise."
As he vanished, Mirage walked to the window to tell the town of her "heoic 'deed'".

-1 year later-
His searching for a home was done. He had made one on the Nightmare, then move to the Chaos. But yet...he didn't feel..."complete". Something was missing...
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Kai, The Realm of Light's Warrior
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